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1,2 (change window size)  

3 toggle fullscreen

4 toggle screenshake on and off

In this demo you play as Twinkelen! (cat maid)

Controls --------


  • WASD - move
  • S - Crouch
  • J - Jump
  • K - Attack
  • L - Dash 
  • E - Interact ( interacting the cart makes it follow you)
  • F - Flirt (try it near an open window) TemporarilyDisabled 
  • R - Refill (refill tool energy at the cart)
  • I -  Super Attack
  • O - N/A
  • U - Perfume(dispels status effects)
  • Enter - Start / Continue
  • Spacebar - Dash
  • P - Pause
  • 1,2 - change window size


  • Joystick - move
  • A - Jump
  • X - Attack
  • B - N/A
  • Dpad Up - Interact ( interacting the cart makes it follow you)
  • Dpad  Down - Refill (refill tool energy at the cart)
  • Left Bumper -  Perfume (dispels status effects)
  • Right Bumper - Super Attack 
  • Right Trigger - 
  • Left Trigger - Flirt  (try it near an open window) TemporarilyDisabled 
  • Y - Dash
  • Select - Restart
  • Start - Pause


  • A  / A+A+A combo (ground)
  • N-Air (A + airborne)
  • F-tilt / F+AA combo  (forward + A)
  • F-air (forward + A (airborne) )
  • B-air (back + A (airborne) )
  • D-air (down + A (airborne) )
  • Up-air (up + A (airborne) )
  • Tornado (super attack) (ground)
  • Spin (super attack) (air)

Charging Attacks - Holding the melee button to charge energy for your next attack. (up-tilt can't be charged right now)

Clouds of dust are emitted during attacks, allowing you to  hit dust particles from a distance.

Dash - You can dash in all 8 directions. Holding up, down, diagonal+up/down will change the direction. Dashing gives you a short moment of invincibility, allowing you to go through enemy attacks. Tap the dash button for a short burst of speed or hold it down for a longer dash.

Dash Jump (dash + jump) Dash Jump onto flat-topped furniture and grayed out shelves to slide on them! adds to the combo meter and makes traversal more fun. (to be expanded later)

Tool Energy. As you hit enemies and clear filth, your tool energy depletes. Return to the cart or pick up restoration capsules when broom is filthy. Without tool energy, your attacks do little damage and cleaning power is severly limited.

Rack up a high combo count for extra energy. Taking damage resets combo to 0.

Sliding - holding crouch while moving to retain momentum and slide along the ground. 

CREDITS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Lead Designer / Artist Aw0

Sound Brent Richard

Music H3metZ

Twinkelen's voice Amanda Kay

Animation Assistance KittyKola

Special Thanks (Coming Soon!)

Updated 5 days ago
Published 14 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreAction, Fighting, Platformer
TagsBeat 'em up, cats, combos, Cute, Dogs, Fast-Paced, Pixel Art, Retro


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Made a video


It's coming out marvelously!  The only thing I can think could be improved on would be platform drop down mechanic.

 in such a fast pace and fluid game, having to have to hold down on a thin platform for a second it takes away from the flow that the game has to offer.  Something like down+jump command I think would work nicely for situations like where you would need to drop down quickly.

Other then that It is really fun and fluid to play! the animations are absolutely adorable all the movement options you have make it extremely satisfying to play around with when experimenting the her moveset.  I can't wait to see it finished!


Finally got a chance to play it.

I'd say the game is shaping up nicely! The spritework is gorgeous, and the gameplay is pretty fun, though I think I might need more time to properly evaluate it!

(3 edits) (+1)

First of all I would like to say, your game has an amazing gamefeel with beautiful and fluid animations and a great use of hitbox and physical interaction and it is very, very fun to play.

I think the jump physics a bit too floaty...
understands that a very air based game and i love it, but it would be nice
if you made her jump more faster and with more inertia
but maintaining yout duration and altitude.

The animation of spinning the broom in the air (https://twitter.com/i/status/1200581849678045184)
It's a lot of fun to perform, it's my favorite. but think the input to perform its a little complicated at first, when I played the second time I realized that I can not hold  "->"  to execute it, but it makes air control a little difficult.
I understand how it works, but I think you could make an easier input for it.

I think the dash jump could be more fluid, like in Megaman X, Zero, ZX etc.
maybe  could have a different animation for double jump, like she doing a little spin in the air. the enemies could have a health bar for  better indicate to the player how much is left to be defeated. 

For last, I think it would be interesting to add a hit when the character slides in the ground while sweeping, maybe executable after the dash or after the slide. and maybe the hit down in the air would throw the enemy down. and would be good support for PS4 control, and option to map any keyboard / control button to the actions you want.

I loved the music, I think the choice of Lo-fi / Chilloute combines well, and that other genres like Jazz and Bossa Nova combine  as well too. I've been following your project for a while, and I really like what I played, good work and keep it up.

Thank you for the feedback! :)


It's a fun game, perfect if you wish to enjoy yourself a few moments, would gladly recommend to more people to try it out!

Pros: cat maid

Cons: it's just one cat

Thank you! lol at the con


I just finished the demo, the game is amazing and has a lot of potential, the animation is fluid and blends well with the almost frantic action of the gameplay itself, overall it's fun and challenging in certain parts.
I hope new updates.

Thank you! :D


great game dude!

thanks! :)


An incredibly polished game as of this comment. Charming graphics, addictive, easy-to-learn gameplay that gives a lot of freedom to the user and shows depth. Has the makings of a fantastic game.

It is also incredibly cute!

Thank you! :D


loving this, especially the combos, real awesome game play  

thanks man :)