W&W Demo 2.6 Released!

Hey everyone, I've decided to release v2.6 a bit early! :D Be sure to recheck the page info for updated controls and details on mechanics.

A few notable additions:

Medals - you can earn 2 types of medals: speed medal and gem medal. These are awarded based on performance. To get a speed medal, breeze through the level quickly. To get a gem medal, collect a high amount of gems (from long combos or finding them in the environment)

Soot Mutants (harder versions of regular dust enemies) These baddies have a chance to show up alongside normal enemies. Their colors are darker and they hit waaay harder. Utilize dashing to dodge and counter their attacks.

HUD improvements - still WIP but it now displays more important info and gathers it all in one place.

Thanks again for all the support and feedback everyone! :) I hope you enjoy 2.6!


Whiskers_n_Wags-v2.685.exe 23 MB
Jan 22, 2020

Get Whiskers & Wags Cleaning Co. (SAGE 2020 Demo)

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