W&W Demo v2.5

Hey all! Finally back with another update :)

v2.5 Patch notes

- jump is less floaty

- coptering is no longer infinite

- Twinkelen no longer attempts to become one with the wall during combat (there's a time and place for everything but come on)

- parkour grind jumps don't send Twinkelen into orbit anymore

- Dust Mouse has his charge attack hitbox screwed on tighter

- it's now possible to do up-air while holding left/right + up (same for down-air)

- Belle (cleaning cart) drops SP restore items and perfume when the reload button is pressed when Twinkelen is nearby

- a few more sounds added 

- re-enabled the original basic A+A+A combo (animations still are not finished yet but I thought people would still like to play around with it)

Enjoy! There's much more substantial updates to come. Just need to get a few smaller issues out of the way before moving on to the bigger things.


Whiskers_n_Wags-v2.5.exe 20 MB
Dec 10, 2019

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